Bitcoin blockchain technology is experiencing several break throughs

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Feb 22


Bitcoin blockchain technology is not new to the world and this technology exists right from the time crypto currencies where introduced in the market several years back. It is imperative to note that blockchain technology is built with robustness and hackers cannot break the mathematical algorithm and steal the money from the reputed sites which trades bitcoins. There are incidences were hackers and scammers have injected malware and virus and stole bitcoins from unreliable and unsafe websites. Bigwig investors have lost bitcoins to the tune of millions of dollars in the past and have reported these scams to National Cyber Security council which is investigating these illegal activities. Block chain technology has matured and will achieve consistent breakthroughs says one of the CEO of reputed IT company.


Cyber council states that it is irrecoverable loss and has cautioned new investors to show caution while choosing websites which sells or buys bitcoins and other famous crypto currencies. Recently the world saw news related to US, UK Government Websites Infected With Crypto-Mining Malware which has shaken investors who have invested lots of money in bitcoin trade. Like stock markets and ordinary currencies coin trade is also exposed to malware threats and volatility. Crypto currencies have seen ups and lows in the past and will remain like this even in future. There are around 1384 crypto currencies in the world and majority of the coins have seen profits till date. Best of the bests are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


Beware of spyware and malware threats

Recently there were reports that government websites belong to UK and USA were infected by deadly crypto currency market and this news were spreading like wildfire on the internet websites. It is believed that around five thousand websites were attacked simultaneously by crypto currency malware. BrowseAloud tool which helps visually handicapped people was worst hit by this malware. The texthelp which manages this tool has shut down the site fearing more threats. This firm has reported this threat to National Cyber Security which is watching the activities and taking notes of development. Other companies which suffered by this serious malware attack are NHS services, the Students Loan company and English councils. Security analysts have stated that these types of malware attacks are common when the websites are not protected with crypto currency spyware and malware anti-virus software and cautioned investors not to invest in untrusted firms.


Bitcoins investors and other professionals who are trading with crypto currencies are watching the activities with fingers crossed. Visitors who are new to bitcoin and crypto currency trades should always explore trending Crypto Currency News which will provide valuable info about the recent activities in the world of crypto currencies. Bitcoin News will also provide latest news about security threats that are related to crypto currency trade and the sites which were affected badly by these types of dangerous malware. Beginners should always decide to invest minimal amount in crypto currencies and increase the investment gradually after understanding the mysteries and secrets of this trade. There are interesting articles that are related to crypto currencies in the archives which will throw light on the importance of choosing secured and safe websites which trades bitcoins.

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