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Feb 06


Bitcoin wallets online – Cautious investors would always love to deposit their money in gold, stocks, shares, insurances, mutual funds and other such diversified portfolios and receive fixed rates of returns or income after a point of point. There are also other types of risk takers who choose to invest their hard earned money in crypto currencies fully knowing the risks that are involved in it. These types of investors who are ready to take risks can choose to invest in crypto currencies. It is interesting to note crypto currencies which are nothing but digital currencies are ruling the world right from the year after the successful launch of bitcoin.


This crypto currency which was launched with much fanfare in the year 2009 has seen both upward and downtrend trends.The ground breaking reality of cryptocurrency is there is extreme risk involved in this trade and new investors should thoroughly understand the risks that are involved in this trade before investing their money. A person who purchased bitcoin during 2009 sold 10000 bitcoins for buying pizza during the same year. Now the value of 10000 bitcoins would be around 1.5 crores. He would have become millionaire if he was holding these coins now. Even though digital currency is a risky investment trade analyst believe that investors will be able to make maximum profits only in the distant future. First time investors who do know have knowledge about crypto currencies and bitcoin wallet exchange should give a thorough reading before taking the next course of action.


Choose the best company for buying coins

Experienced crypto currency traders who have made big profits request new investors to buy coins through local markets. There are hundreds of reputed companies which buy and sell different types of crypto coins and investors should do thorough research before choosing the company for buying or selling coins. There are interesting articles and blogs which are related to bitcoin wallets blockchain which will provide wonderful information about the definition of block chain. The top-ten crypto coins which are ruling the market now are bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, monero, dash, nem, dogecoin, peer coin and potcoin. Buyers should hold these crypto currencies in their premium wallet and sell them after few years when the market sees upswing. Bigwigs who were trading on these power-packed coins have even lost tons of them to hackers and cyber thieves.


Investors can keep their bitcoin or other crypto currencies idle for few years in their wallet or use them for buying products and services. Japanese, Koreans and investors living in eastern countries including India are showing interest to invest their money in crypto currencies. It is worth to note that these digital currencies always remained volatile and will remain volatile in future. Hundreds of online shops are showing interest to accept bitcoins and are refurbishing their payment gateways with coin acceptance module. Almost quarter million shops in Japan have started accepting crypto currencies and are doing extremely good business. Corporate investors who control fortune five hundred companies are also buying various types of digital coins and storing in their wallets.

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