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May 16

Bitcoin sent to Space!

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Bitcoin sent to Space!

The Bitcoin buzz is not very popular among the common man. There are many groups of society that are yet not aware about what Bitcoin is and its functioning. Bitcoin mining companies are trying and making every possible effort to create awareness about Bitcoin and educate people about the ease of use of cryptocurrencies.

In the world of space travel history, Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency that has been sent to space. Yes you read it right, Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency that has been sent to space.

Bitcoin sent to Space!

This was made possible by Genesis Mining, a major Bitcoin cloud mining company. Genesis Mining conducted the first ever peer-to-peer Bitcoin transaction in space.

So how did Genesis Mining do it?

Genesis mining has always been looking for innovative ways to create the awareness of Bitcoin all over the world by educating people about the benefits and used of Digital currency. The company thought that sending the Bitcoin to the space was the perfect way to get the attention and create awareness about the positives and ease of use of Bitcoins. ‘To the moon’ was the catch phrase that Genesis mining used to promote the strategy of sending Bitcoins into space.

Bitcoin sent to Space!

The Process and outcome –

The Genesis Mining team at England decided to release a weather balloon to space, that would carry a 3D printed Bitcoin and a Bitcoin wallet.  The company decided to send a Bitcoin to the Bitcoin wallet in space once the weather balloon reached 20km in space (which is above the Armstrong limit, where humans cannot survive without a pressure suit). The team at Genesis mining was officially successful in sending one Bitcoin to the Bitcoin wallet in space that reached beyond the Armstrong limit.

The successful reaching of the weather balloon at 20km encouraged the team to send the Bitcoin wallet in the weather balloon further up to 30+kms. The technical team addressed the optimal limit to be up to 34km for the weather balloon in space. The successful try made the weather balloon reach 30+kms, where Genesis mining demonstrated sending the second Bitcoin to the Bitcoin wallet in space. Genesis mining was successful in sending the weather balloon up to a distance of 34kms in space with 2 Bitcoins sent from earth to the Bitcoin wallet in space.

Bitcoin sent to Space!

The ultimate aim of the company behind sending Bitcoins to space was to create awareness about the ease of use of the latest digital currency. The company believes that technology is a vehicle that drives our lives towards the better. Sending Bitcoins to space is yet another step to show that technology can ease financial transaction even in the space.

May 11

Bitcoin Wallet And Its Kinds

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Bitcoin enables exchange of money in a different way than with usual banks. Bitcoins are basically new cryptocurrencies that are still actively developing day by day. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are traded via the Bitcoin wallet that enables the receiving and sending of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin wallets come in different types. Each kind of Bitcoin wallet has different functionalities and characteristics. It is very important for one to choose the right Bitcoin wallet.

But firstly, let us get introduced to the different kinds of Bitcoin wallets.

What are the different types of Bitcoin wallets?

Different types of Bitcoin wallets

1. Desktop Bitcoin Wallets :

Desktop Bitcoin wallets are those that can be installed on a desktop computer. Desktop wallets provide complete access to the users, enabling them to create a public Bitcoin address and private key for sending and receiving Bitcoins. Some of the Desktop Bitcoin wallets include – Green address, BitGo, MultiBit, Bitcoin core, Bitcoin Knots etc.

2. Mobile Bitcoin Wallets :

Mobile Bitcoin wallets are applications that are installable on a mobile phone. Different Mobile Bitcoin wallets are available that are compatible with all types of mobiles like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Unlike desktop Bitcoin wallets that are fixed in one place, mobile Bitcoin wallets allow the user to trade directly from anywhere. Mobile Bitcoin wallets carry the same functionalities as that of the desktop Bitcoin wallets, but with an added advantage to allow the user to trade anytime and from anywhere. Some of the mobile Bitcoin wallets include, breadwallet, Simple Bitcoin,, Bitcoin wallet, Hive Android, Mycelium Bitcoin and so on.

3. Hardware Bitcoin wallets :

Hardware Bitcoin wallets also known as cold storage, are reportedly the most secure and safest way to store Bitcoins. The number of hardware wallets is limited in number. Hardware Bitcoin wallets store Bitcoins in an offline environment, and can hold private keys electronically. Ledger Nano S and Trezor are the two popular hardware Bitcoin wallets.

4. Web Bitcoin Wallets :

Web Bitcoin wallets, also known as hosted wallets allow users to access the wallets from anywhere from a mobile or a desktop from a browser via a web source. These wallets are basically web services that are made accessible from any web or internet based browsers. Web Bitcoin wallets stores the user’s private keys online, and the Bitcoins are stored on the servers of the agency which the user has chosen as their online wallet. CoinBase, Blackchain, Xapo, Binanse are some of the web Bitcoin wallets.

5. Paper Bitcoin Wallets :

Paper Bitcoin wallets as the name suggests, are wallets with the Bitcoin public address and private keys printed on paper. The user can use the public address to send Bitcoins and the private key to transfer or spend the Bitcoins. Paper Bitcoin wallets are printed wallets on paper and the keys are available offline in the form of print. Users need to store the paper in order to avoid theft/ loss of the paper Bitcoin wallets.

May 08

How to make easy money with bitcoin: Three simple ways

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How to make easy money with bitcoin

How to make easy money with bitcoin? Majority of the people who are planning to invest in bitcoin ask this question and look out for best answers. Visitors can easily earn bitcoins when they follow the steps that are prescribed here. People should spend few hours on bitcoin faucet websites if they want to earn coins quickly. Choose some of the product campaign sites which offers handful of coins to the explorers.  These sites will request the members to participate in their latest competitions wherein they have to write slogans, tags or create videos for the products.

How to make easy money with bitcoin

Adults who are good in writing blogs, posts and articles that are related to bitcoinscan create an account in the sites which popularizes these types of crypto currencies and earn coins instantly. Individuals who have earned lots of coins the past can lend them to others and amplify their income. There are trusted and reliable sites which borrow and invest the coins without borders. Learn to explore trending Bitcoin News channels and sites which will provide lots of positive and negative info about bitcoin trade.

People are sending false alarms about bitcoin trade and one can get an insight about this trade when they explore the latest news that are related to crypto currencies. Since bitcoin and other crypto coins are digital currencies there is no registered bodies which supervises the functions of these coins. Visitors should do maximum research and survey before investing their hard earned money in this trade.

How to make easy money with bitcoin

Several shops and food chains accept bitcoins

Leading merchant websites have started accepting XBT and popularizing these coins. This government-less crypto currency is very popular in the countries of Japan and China and hundreds of online branded shops that are headquartered in these countries have started accepting these coins. Investors will understand the advantages and disadvantages of this trade when they explore Bitcoin news. Some of the world famous companies which are into food chains, eateries and travels are accepting these types of popular crypto currencies. Click here and explore some of the richest firms which accept leading crypto currencies. There are hundreds of branded charity organizations, NGOs and social trusts which have started accepting crypto currencies. Be choosy when it comes with crypto currencies since there are criminals who are posing themselves as reputed bitcoin miners.

How to make easy money with bitcoin

Crypto currency news covers all sorts of information that are related to digital world which will be of great use to readers. Showcase maximum caution while buying mining software since market is flooding with inferior quality makes. Investors should start with low investment and gradually increase the amount after understanding the pros and cons of it. Several rich investors have lost plenty of money in bitcoin trade in the recent past and there are news that are related to these types of topics in prominent news channels which will throw a light on importance of choosing branded and trusted sites for investment.  Visitors who are new to crypto trade should explore various sites and widen their knowledge.

Feb 13

Bitcoin mining hardware that comes with best features

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Bitcoin mining hardware is gaining popularity throughout the world and anyone who has this hardware can act as a miner and make profits through bitcoin trade. People who are planning to play intermediary roles should buy world class mining hardware which comes with best warranty and pricing. When bitcoin digital currency was introduced to the world several years back miners where using ordinary hardware which lacked the much needed quality, speeds and efficiencies. These mining products were also unsafe and prone to cyber hacking. After advancement of technology the manufacturers started making advance bitcoin mining hardware which was much better, safer and faster than previous models. Now, customers’ can find and buy ultramodern, highly advanced and super quality models which are priced cheaply through reputed sites.


Bitcoin traders who are planning to buy advance model hardware can buy through reputed site. Click here to get info about reputed sites which are selling these types of hardware. There is single user, multiple users, shared and cloud based models which are creating positive waves throughout the world. Pricing will vary according to the models that are chosen. It is interesting to note that bitcoin hardware has evolved a lot and the advance models like field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processors and Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) are selling quickly since it has lots of attractive features. Individuals who are planning to buy the latest model should understand that bitcoin hardware will consume maximum electricity when it is continuously used for several hours. They should choose the ones which consumes less electricity and have best features.


Online transactions are stored in crypto format

Customers who purchase products using foreign currencies will have to pay taxes and other charges that are levied by the federal government. When they use bitcoins there is no necessity of paying these types of surcharges or taxes since there is no intermediary who regulates this trade. Since bitcoin transactions are stored in digital format people who buy coins will receive bitcoin transaction private key which is somewhat like a password. They have to use these keys while making payments using bitcoins. They should store the bitcoin transaction private key carefully. If they share these keys to third parties or strangers unknowingly bitcoin holders may lose them to scammers and fraudsters. There are lots of incidences in the past where crypto currency holders have lost millions of money during transactions.


Every time an account holder adds bitcoin in his premium wallet a transaction key number which is a secret code will be generated. When the account holder buys products using bitcoin the key number will automatically disappear from the wallet for the amount that is spent. It should be noted that every 256-bit number is a valid private key. There are scammers out there who will steal these arithmetically calculated key numbers and swindle the bitcoins quickly. Bitcoin holders should never part their key numbers or purchase products at untrusted or insecure websites. Always choose websites which are safe and secure for making bitcoin transactions.

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