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Feb 08

Bitcoin wallets explained with examples

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Cryptocurrency mining is resource-intensive; however, it is painstaking, expensive, and rewarding every now and then. Having attracted potential investors, entrepreneurs see this as a stroke of luck. If you are planning to invest the time and equipment, then you should read this post, which will walk you through about certain things that will help you conclude whether mining is really for you.


Bitcoin mining:

Verifying the transactions and adding the same to the public ledger commonly known as the block chain is what Bitcoin mining is all about and anyone with internet access and suitable hardware can play a part in it. A typical mining process involves gathering all recent transactions into blocks and trying to crack a computationally complex puzzle. It works in such a way that the contributor who first resolves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and claims the reward. The compensation, which propels mining, are both the operation fees related with the transactions hoarded in the block as well as lately released Bitcoin.

Why should you mine? Well, there are several reasons as to why you should mine; the main reason is that, by mining, one can gross cryptocurrency without having to put down money for it. That does not mean you should be a miner to own it, it is best purchased using fiat currency (USD, EUR, JPY, etc.), on the other hand, you can also trade it on an exchange like Bitstamp using other crypto like Ethereum or NEO. Apart from lining the pockets of miners, it serves a second and very important purpose: It is the one of the very few ways to release new cryptocurrency into circulation or the only way, in other words, it is said that miners are “minting” currency.

Essentially, it is 24/7 computer accounting called ‘verifying transactions, and when it comes to Bitcoin mining, the whole focus is to accomplish three things:

  • Provide accounting or bookkeeping services to the coin network. ‘.
  • Get paid a small reward for the accounting services by receiving fractions of coins every alternate days.
  • Keep your personal costs down, including electricity and hardware.


Earning possibilities in mining: Mined in units called as blocks, when Bitcoin was mined in 2009, a block would earn you 50BTC and later in 2012 this was halved to 25 BTC, in 2016 it was 12.5 BTC, in 2020 the reward size will again be halved to 6.25 BTC. Keeping track of it precisely is very important. In order have a sound understanding about when these halving will take place, you can check with the Bitcoin clock, which keeps informed about this information in real time.
Hope you found this article helpful, for more information about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news stay tuned.

Feb 06

Bitcoin wallets online – Buy and make profits quickly

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Bitcoin wallets online – Cautious investors would always love to deposit their money in gold, stocks, shares, insurances, mutual funds and other such diversified portfolios and receive fixed rates of returns or income after a point of point. There are also other types of risk takers who choose to invest their hard earned money in crypto currencies fully knowing the risks that are involved in it. These types of investors who are ready to take risks can choose to invest in crypto currencies. It is interesting to note crypto currencies which are nothing but digital currencies are ruling the world right from the year after the successful launch of bitcoin.


This crypto currency which was launched with much fanfare in the year 2009 has seen both upward and downtrend trends.The ground breaking reality of cryptocurrency is there is extreme risk involved in this trade and new investors should thoroughly understand the risks that are involved in this trade before investing their money. A person who purchased bitcoin during 2009 sold 10000 bitcoins for buying pizza during the same year. Now the value of 10000 bitcoins would be around 1.5 crores. He would have become millionaire if he was holding these coins now. Even though digital currency is a risky investment trade analyst believe that investors will be able to make maximum profits only in the distant future. First time investors who do know have knowledge about crypto currencies and bitcoin wallet exchange should give a thorough reading before taking the next course of action.


Choose the best company for buying coins

Experienced crypto currency traders who have made big profits request new investors to buy coins through local markets. There are hundreds of reputed companies which buy and sell different types of crypto coins and investors should do thorough research before choosing the company for buying or selling coins. There are interesting articles and blogs which are related to bitcoin wallets blockchain which will provide wonderful information about the definition of block chain. The top-ten crypto coins which are ruling the market now are bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, monero, dash, nem, dogecoin, peer coin and potcoin. Buyers should hold these crypto currencies in their premium wallet and sell them after few years when the market sees upswing. Bigwigs who were trading on these power-packed coins have even lost tons of them to hackers and cyber thieves.


Investors can keep their bitcoin or other crypto currencies idle for few years in their wallet or use them for buying products and services. Japanese, Koreans and investors living in eastern countries including India are showing interest to invest their money in crypto currencies. It is worth to note that these digital currencies always remained volatile and will remain volatile in future. Hundreds of online shops are showing interest to accept bitcoins and are refurbishing their payment gateways with coin acceptance module. Almost quarter million shops in Japan have started accepting crypto currencies and are doing extremely good business. Corporate investors who control fortune five hundred companies are also buying various types of digital coins and storing in their wallets.

Feb 05

Explore training manuals and make money from bitcoin mining

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Make money from bitcoin mining – Digital currencies are gaining immense popularity after the successful launch of bitcoin crypto currency during the year 2009. The brainchild of this digital currency is Satoshi nakamoto. When account holders make online or offline transactions through online banking the controlling bank as well as federal bank will monitor these activities and take actions if the payer plays negative roles or make huge transactions to unknown person. In case of bitcoin no third parties or persons will be monitoring the activities that are taking place through online transactions. There are risks involved in this trade and people who are new to crypto currencies should endeavor to understand the terms and conditions that are involved in this financial transaction.


Thousands of bitcoin traders have lost their hard earned their coins to hackers and scammers since there are no regulatory authorities who monitor the functions of bitcoin trade. Traders have lots of freedom and liberties in bitcoin trade unlike other banking transactions. USA and many other developed countries have started using bitcoin for buying and selling of products and government authorities belonging to these countries are planning to give legal shape to them. Bitcoin mining started in the year 2009 and Satoshi nakamotostarted the first mining block namely genesis block which had a reward point of 50 bitcoins. It is interesting note that bitcoin which is one of the most popular digital currency has experienced both ups and lows.


Buyers can grow rich in the course of time

Still there are lots of mysteries that shrouds bitcoin trade and that must be the reason that bitcoin is still not famous in the countries in which it is not traded. No one owns bitcoin company since the program is written in open source code where anyone can write new programs and upload in it. Sources confirm that Nakomoto possesses millions of coins which he will sell in the course of time. There are rumor mills doing the rounds that a cryptocurrency expert Nick Szabo was the one who created bitcoin. This guy has created his own digital currency namely bit gold during 1990. Investors who have not heard the name bitcoin mining will understand this concept when they explore the articles that are stored here.


Since bitcoin is a digital currency the transactions that are made by the owner of the coins will be recorded in the ledger like format which is called mining. Every digital currency transactions will be stored automatically in public ledger. People who are planning to buy coins should select local operator and open an account with him for buying them. Since it is an intangible asset the buyers will not be able to feel or see the currencies. These digital currencies will be stored in a place namely bitcoin wallet. As and when the account holders purchases coins from the third parties the bitcoins in the wallet will increase. Customers should take steps to keep the cryptocurrencies safely and securely since hackers will swindle the money at any point of time.

Feb 02

Crypto Currency News – Provides Info about Bitcoin

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Provides Info about Bitcoin

Crypto Currency News – Investors who are looking out for new or diversified products for investment purpose can think of buying bitcoin which is gaining worldwide popularity. Conscious investors will earn maximum returns in future when they invest their money in this crypto currency trade. Bitcoin News that is stored here will give latest information about this trade which will be useful for the new investors. People who are new to this trade should understand the difference between crypto currency and ordinary currencies that are circulated in the currency market. Bitcoin was the first crypto currency which was introduced in the year 2009 and sources confirm that the price of this digitally encrypted coin was only $0.08 during the year 2010.

Provides Info about Bitcoin

Bitcoin rose steadily from that point of time and touched $1 and takes parity with US dollar. Even though the prices of bitcoin plummeted during the year 2011 it rose back steadily and became one of the best crypto currencies in the world. During the year 2014 US regulatory agency approved a bitcoin financial product. Bitcoin also saw serious of threats and hacks in the previous years which resulted in up gradation of security systems. Sources provides information that the inventor of bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto a 64 year old senior citizen who lives in the country of the USA. More than fifty countries have legalized this coin and in future course even other countries will legalize bitcoin. Amateurs can make money buying bitcoin provided they understand the risks that are involved in this trade.

Provides Info about Bitcoin

Buying bitcoin is a profitable venture:

Bitcoin has fantastic history which is worth exploring. Visitors who have not purchased bitcoins till date should explore the history of crypto currencies and decide their next course of action.Bitcoins became famous when several universities, online sellers and growing companies started accepting it. Bitcoins are extremely famous in China and Japan and slowly gaining popularity in India and other eastern countries. Researchers and financial experts predict that bitcoin will rule the world in future since it becomes online transactions simple. After the successful launch of bitcoin other crypto currencies were launched successively and became popular. There are lots of crypto currencies in the world which are making headlines and some of the popular ones are litecoin, namecoin, swiftcoin, bytecoin, peercoin, dogecoin and feathercoin.

Provides Info about Bitcoin

The latest addition in the exhaustive list is petro which was launched this year and gaining immense popularity. This coin is the first cryptocurrency backed by one of the oil companies which is functioning in the country of Venezuela. Even Kodak industry which is into the field of photography launched kodakcoin which became inactive quickly. Investors should do maximum research, survey and reading before buying crypto currencies since there is certain amount of risk involved in this business. Millions of teenagers have also registered in several reputed crypto currency sites and invested minimum or maximum money in this trade. Even several fortune companies have also purchased thousands of coins through reputed firms. Anyone who have money can register in reputed bit coin sites and buy coins at any point of time.