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Feb 19

Make Money With Cryptocurrency And Grow Rich

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Make Money With Cryptocurrency and invest the amount once again in the bitcoin industry is becoming the mantra in cryptocurrency market. Several cryptocurrencies were launched after the successful introduction of bitcoin few years back. Investors are now seriously thinking to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that are gaining popularity. Like all other currencies cryptocurrency is also a negotiable instrument which can be exchanged in premium shops or other outlets for the products purchased. Plenty of reputed retail outlets in the country of the USA have started accepting and other famous digital currencies which are circulating in the market. Individuals who are new to the world of cryptocurrency investment should endeavor to explore the blogs and articles that are showcased on this site.


Bitcoins are not very new to the currency market and they are already circulating throughout the world. Japan, UK and USA are torchbearers in buying and selling bitcoins and hundreds of traders are now accepting these digital currencies in exchange for the products that are sold by them. Investors and others have to think twice before investing in crypto currencies since they are exposed to higher levels of risks since there are no third parties or governments which supervise the transactions. USA is planning to legalize bitcoins and is building strategies to regulate digital currencies in the long run. People who are planning to buy few popular crypto currencies from the reputed sellers should understand that lots of investors have lost their hard earned money to scammers and fraudsters. If this sounds useful and interesting visitors can proceed to the next paragraph.


Investors should buy coins from registered and trusted sites

National Cyber Security Centre of various countries including USA and the UK has cautioned investors that bitcoins are exposed to thefts and scams. These government entities are receiving legal cases that are related to crypto currency scams. More than 4000 websites in the recent past were affected by malicious crypto malware and IT geeks are breaking their heads to find out the origins of the hackers. Some of the government entities functioning in UK, USA and Irish which lost their data are Safefood, Health service executive and oireachtas.


Browse aloud which is one of the widely used tools in the world was affected by cryptocurrency malware. This tool helps visually impaired people to great extent. NSC has issued a statement that it will monitor the developments in relation to this issue. Hence from the above, it is clear that trading with cryptocurrencies is a risky affair and investors should show caution while choosing reputed bitcoin traders . People who are planning to make money with crypto should search for certified and trusted websites which sells cryptocurrency for the past several years. But anybody can make money with crypto if they understand the philosophies and basic rules that related to this wonderful trade. The total number of bitcoins which is mined in various wallets is around 16,900,000 and this figure will rise steadily and reach 17,000,000 within a short period of time.

Feb 16

Crypto Mining Malware and spyware attacks

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Bitcoins, which are in digital formats, are used as parallel currencies and millions of people are already using these digital currencies after it was launched successfully several years back by Satoshi Nakamota. Crypto currencies are extremely popular in countries like USA, UK and Japan and plenty of branded traders accept bitcoins along with other currencies. Thousands of reputed online shops in Japan are accepting bitcoins for the products that they sell through their websites. Hence, it should be construed that crypto currencies will rule the world in the years to come. Investors who are planning to trade with these types of crypto currencies should show caution since hackers and scammers are illegally bitcoins mining.


There are still lots of companies which have not upgraded their sites with crypto currencies malware protection. People who are planning to buy few coins should select only reputed websites which have upgraded their sites with malware protection. Crowdstrike in UK has experienced cyber-attacks in the recent past and they have exposed this scam to national cyber security center which is still investigating the issue. Hackers will start a new online website and pose themselves as reputed online shops and target innocent victims. When people trade through these sites the hackers will start mining all the coins and steal them within minutes. Sources confirm that more than five thousand websites have been infected; hence, it is good to be aware of the crypto mining malware programs.


Government departments in USA is suffering from cyber attack

It is interesting to note that number of government websites in the developed countries like UK, USA and Australia were attacked by crypto currency malware. Some of the companies which were worst hit by crypto malware are UK’s student loans company, UK National health service Scotland, and Australian queensland government portal. Recently a plugin which was intended for visually challenged people was injected with crypto malware and texthelp is taking efforts to rectify the programing errors. Scammers and data hijackers are technically savvy people who are experts in injecting malware in the websites. They will write malware program in java language and inject it in the third party website. Many such crypto currency thefts have been reported in many developed countries and national security agency are taking maximum effort to curb this menace. Beware of crypto mining malware.


Attackers these days target bitcoin websites easily and steal the coins quickly. People who are planning to buy and trade through bitcoins should endeavor to read the blogs and articles that are posted here. Investors all over the world are still using bitcoins for buying products and services and this trend will only grow phenomenally. Individuals who are new to this business should buy one or few coiillegally ns and start investing more when they understand the concepts thoroughly. Always trust safe and secure websites and never trade through unsecured sites. Many companies have lost millions of money through bitcoin trade and are suffering with financial problems. Scammers are tech geeks and highly intelligent professionals who will hack the computer system and steal the coins without signs or symptoms.

Feb 08

How do Bitcoin wallets work? Explained with examples

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How do bitcoin wallets work? This is the question which is asked by people who are new to the world of crypto currencies. Before going into the bitcoin wallet let us first understand the need of crypto currencies and its advantage. Carrying cash in the wallet and making payment through cash is becoming neglected necessity and distant past after the introduction of digital payments. People these day showcase to make payments through online money transfers, credit and debit card. The latest addition in digital payment is crypto currencies. Crypto currencies are not new to this world since it is already popular in developing and developed countries. Several countries including US have made crypto currencies as legal tender.


Even though there are lots of digital currencies which are gaining momentum nothing is as popular as Bitcoin which was supposed to be the first digital currency in the world. How do bitcoin wallets work? Anyone who has internet connection in his home or office can register on the reputed merchant website which buy and sell bitcoin and start their bitcoin transactions immediately after the registration process is complete. The moment the registration concludes successfully the wallet will be created for the member and all the transactions will be stored in this wallet as block chain which is nothing but a public ledger. Unlike banks or other financial institutions the receipts and payments are not stored in the passbook but it is stored as block chain in cryptographic format. Let us assume: A who has bitcoin in his wallet makes a payment to B using bitcoin. The moment A makes payment the transaction will be encrypted in block chain which cannot be erased by anyone. This is a validated payment and no one can alter the algorithm used.


People can transact safely using bitcoin

People often think that bitcoin blockchain technology was introduced recently which is only a wild imagination. The reality it is a combination of various technologies like the internet, private key cryptography and protocol. In bitcoin blockchain technology the recordings of all transaction takes place in blockchain format which is written in cryptographic language. There are videos, tutorials and other tools on this site which explains the concept of blockchain wonderfully and visitors will get updated info when they explore them. Even though bitcoin comes with lots of advantage there are also many disadvantages.


People who open an account in mobile platforms or in desktop PCs should show caution while using these coins since hackers may swipe the money without any warning signs. Several people including corporate houses have lost millions of money when they made payment using bitcoins and other crypto currencies which are popular in the online market. Visitors should explore the terms and conditions and risk involved in online digital transactons before buying or selling crypto currencies. But all said and done crypto currencies have become international hit and thousands of online traders are showcasing interest to use crypto currencies which are popular everywhere. Millions of online traders in Japan and other eastern countries are buying bitcoins from the customers.

Feb 08

Bitcoin wallets explained with examples

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Cryptocurrency mining is resource-intensive; however, it is painstaking, expensive, and rewarding every now and then. Having attracted potential investors, entrepreneurs see this as a stroke of luck. If you are planning to invest the time and equipment, then you should read this post, which will walk you through about certain things that will help you conclude whether mining is really for you.


Bitcoin mining:

Verifying the transactions and adding the same to the public ledger commonly known as the block chain is what Bitcoin mining is all about and anyone with internet access and suitable hardware can play a part in it. A typical mining process involves gathering all recent transactions into blocks and trying to crack a computationally complex puzzle. It works in such a way that the contributor who first resolves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and claims the reward. The compensation, which propels mining, are both the operation fees related with the transactions hoarded in the block as well as lately released Bitcoin.

Why should you mine? Well, there are several reasons as to why you should mine; the main reason is that, by mining, one can gross cryptocurrency without having to put down money for it. That does not mean you should be a miner to own it, it is best purchased using fiat currency (USD, EUR, JPY, etc.), on the other hand, you can also trade it on an exchange like Bitstamp using other crypto like Ethereum or NEO. Apart from lining the pockets of miners, it serves a second and very important purpose: It is the one of the very few ways to release new cryptocurrency into circulation or the only way, in other words, it is said that miners are “minting” currency.

Essentially, it is 24/7 computer accounting called ‘verifying transactions, and when it comes to Bitcoin mining, the whole focus is to accomplish three things:

  • Provide accounting or bookkeeping services to the coin network. ‘.
  • Get paid a small reward for the accounting services by receiving fractions of coins every alternate days.
  • Keep your personal costs down, including electricity and hardware.


Earning possibilities in mining: Mined in units called as blocks, when Bitcoin was mined in 2009, a block would earn you 50BTC and later in 2012 this was halved to 25 BTC, in 2016 it was 12.5 BTC, in 2020 the reward size will again be halved to 6.25 BTC. Keeping track of it precisely is very important. In order have a sound understanding about when these halving will take place, you can check with the Bitcoin clock, which keeps informed about this information in real time.
Hope you found this article helpful, for more information about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news stay tuned.