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Feb 20


Cryptocurrency News is gaining immense popularity since people who have invested their money in bitcoins are getting latest info about crypto trade. There is various interesting news that are related to crypto currencies and visitors can explore the latest info when they choose the particular category. European Crypto Bank is planning to trade on bitcoins and has formed a multi-disciplinary team to facilitate access. Even though bitcoin investment and trading might be interesting there are also risks that are connected to it. There are lots of incidences where companies have lost millions of dollars in this unique crypto currency trade. Boost juice bars in the country of Australia is giving away free bitcoins for the customers’ who buy juice and punch-in the code in the app. Crypto currencies especially bitcoins and ethereum are the top two popular coins which is hitting the news for positive reasons.


There is also news that is related to US, UK Government Websites Infected With Crypto-Mining Malware. This info may sound as alert and alarm message for the individuals who are planning to invest huge amount in crypto currencies. Firms or individuals who are new to crypto trade should endeavor to explore the breaking news and articles that are related to bitcoin trade. There are sensational news that are related to crypto currency industry which will provide maximum info about the market cap of top ten coins which are making headlines throughout the world.


Right time to invest money in crypto currency trade

It may sound scary but the reality is thousands of prominent websites including the ones maintained by US and UK government departments were hacked by crypt-mining malware. Browsealoud tool which was manufactured and supplied by Texthelp carried crypt-mining malware and infected the software immediately. This tool is devised for the benefit of visually handicapped people. National cyber security board and engineers working in Texthelp are investigating the issue and will submit their reports shortly. Crypto currencies are stored in bitcoin wallet and scammers can easily steal the money from it when they inject malware into it.


First time investors should carefully choose the website which has gained maximum reputation for buying crypto currencies. There are scammers who will pose themselves as trusted companies and request the citizens to purchase coins through their websites. When public decides to buy few crypto coins through these illegitimate websites the scammers will loot the deposited money within seconds and run away. National Cyber Security Council which is dealing these types of crypto currency frauds is getting tons of mails with respect to cyber frauds. Investors should explore the latest crypto currency news before starting to invest their money. There are hundreds of legitimate companies which have safe and security bitcoin wallet. Visitors will get latest updates, news, videos and other info about crypto currencies when they explore official website of bitcoin and other trusted websites which published news regularly on this topic. Beware of online scams and frauds which are taking place regularly and decide to invest in bitcoin.

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