Crypto Mining Malware and spyware attacks

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Feb 16


Bitcoins, which are in digital formats, are used as parallel currencies and millions of people are already using these digital currencies after it was launched successfully several years back by Satoshi Nakamota. Crypto currencies are extremely popular in countries like USA, UK and Japan and plenty of branded traders accept bitcoins along with other currencies. Thousands of reputed online shops in Japan are accepting bitcoins for the products that they sell through their websites. Hence, it should be construed that crypto currencies will rule the world in the years to come. Investors who are planning to trade with these types of crypto currencies should show caution since hackers and scammers are illegally bitcoins mining.


There are still lots of companies which have not upgraded their sites with crypto currencies malware protection. People who are planning to buy few coins should select only reputed websites which have upgraded their sites with malware protection. Crowdstrike in UK has experienced cyber-attacks in the recent past and they have exposed this scam to national cyber security center which is still investigating the issue. Hackers will start a new online website and pose themselves as reputed online shops and target innocent victims. When people trade through these sites the hackers will start mining all the coins and steal them within minutes. Sources confirm that more than five thousand websites have been infected; hence, it is good to be aware of the crypto mining malware programs.


Government departments in USA is suffering from cyber attack

It is interesting to note that number of government websites in the developed countries like UK, USA and Australia were attacked by crypto currency malware. Some of the companies which were worst hit by crypto malware are UK’s student loans company, UK National health service Scotland, and Australian queensland government portal. Recently a plugin which was intended for visually challenged people was injected with crypto malware and texthelp is taking efforts to rectify the programing errors. Scammers and data hijackers are technically savvy people who are experts in injecting malware in the websites. They will write malware program in java language and inject it in the third party website. Many such crypto currency thefts have been reported in many developed countries and national security agency are taking maximum effort to curb this menace. Beware of crypto mining malware.


Attackers these days target bitcoin websites easily and steal the coins quickly. People who are planning to buy and trade through bitcoins should endeavor to read the blogs and articles that are posted here. Investors all over the world are still using bitcoins for buying products and services and this trend will only grow phenomenally. Individuals who are new to this business should buy one or few coiillegally ns and start investing more when they understand the concepts thoroughly. Always trust safe and secure websites and never trade through unsecured sites. Many companies have lost millions of money through bitcoin trade and are suffering with financial problems. Scammers are tech geeks and highly intelligent professionals who will hack the computer system and steal the coins without signs or symptoms.

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