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Feb 20


Cryptocurrency mining is becoming lucrative business after the introduction of crypto currencies and investors are showing great interest to work as a miner. One can become a successful bitcoin miner when he buys specialized computers from the market for mining the crypto currencies. Anyone who possess or owns computers that have mining software can act as a miner and maintain the public ledger in his system. Unlike US dollars and other currencies that are circulated in the market there is are third party regulatory authorities like federal government involved to streamline or monitor the operations of bitcoins or other digital currencies. Every transaction that is made through digital currencies will be recorded as blockchain which is public ledger.


This ledger will be visible to the public and members can view the latest transactions when they explore this ledger. Mining software which is sold in the market will consume lots of electricity and people who act as miners will have to shell out huge money toward electricity bills. Miners who solve complex mathematical problems and effectively manage the blockchain will receive rewards up to 25 bitcoins. Even though bitcoinsand digital currencies are famous they come with certain disadvantages and limitations which are listed out in the next paragraph. Crypto currencies like other ordinary currencies are exposed to market volatility and fluctuation. Digital currencies have also seen lows in the past and the same trend may arise when they are in less demand in the future.


Prices of digital currencies has tremendously increased

There are en number of crypto coins which are gaining immense popularity and some of the best coins in the world are bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero and ripple. Most of the coins have a market-cap of around $138 million to $243 million which is a fantastic figure. But crypto currencies are exposed to thefts and malware attacks. In the recent past, thousands of websites which belonged to US and UK government entities were exposed to crypto-currency malware attack. Visitors will get interesting info when they search for US, UK Government Websites Infected With Crypto Mining Malware in prominent search engines.


Browsealoud tool operated by texthelp was bought down due to crypto malware infection. There are lots of risks involved in crypto currency transactions and mining. People who are planning to buy bitcoin mining hardware should do lots of research and survey before taking the next course of action. Mining hardware should be free from malware and spyware threats and consume less power. There is lots of affordable bitcoin mining hardware in the market which comes with tons of advance features. The best models should have Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and GPU. Visitors have to carefully examine the pros and cons of the rigs they are going to install before taking positive decision. Crypt currencies are always exposed to external threats like malware, spyware, hacking and virus attacks. Members have to think twice before starting to mine the bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Beginners have to explore topics that are connected with mining before buying a rig or other mining products.

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